PLEXIGLAS® EUROPLEX® film for labels




For durable and tamper-evident labels

Durable labels

In the durable goods market the labels convey very important messages regarding branding, safety, compliance, instructions, warning, identity, traceability to the products and it is crucial that these information remain legible for the life of the product.

As overlaminate, PLEXIGLAS® and EUROPLEX® HC Films, protect labels and graphic arts substrates against degradation caused by UV light and weathering. The combination in between UV protection and high transparency creates a special level of visual appearance that remains years in outdoor applications. Additionally, EUROPLEX® HC Film protects your finished product from chemicals and provides the possibility to clean the surface against graffiti and dirt in a fast and economical way.

High durable labels and graphic arts can be created without the necessity of using overlaminates by printing directly onto PLEXIGLAS® Films. Thanks to their excellent optical surface, high quality printings can be achieved with our films. In this case EUROPLEX® HC Film is suitable for reverse printing only.

Tamper-evident labels

Nowadays brand protection and security has a high priority in many market segments once counterfeiting impact negatively sales, brand perception and product value.
PLEXIGLAS® destructible films are destroyed when an attempt is made to remove them from its original position. On top that PLEXIGLAS® is made with 100 percent acrylic polymer that means it is free of PVC, halogen, plasticizer, and odor. The transparent grades of PLEXIGLAS® provide a high level of aesthetics.