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People from around the world come together, at trade shows and in shopping malls. New and attractive venues offer a novel experience to large numbers of people, even in the internet age. Trade shows and stores provide what the World Wide Web cannot – atmosphere, emotion, class. A successful tradeshow appearance promotes a company’s image and boosts business.

Creative professionals who build exhibition booths and store fixtures consistently translate a company’s self-perception and product image into a third dimension. They create pared-down, attention-grabbing pictures and catchy messages. They give presentations an immediately recognizable structure. They fashion shapes that become unmistakable brands, which have an immediate and lasting impact and are highly attractive. This applies around the globe. From Europe to Asia and the Americas the trading community meets up at international locations. Boundaries to product presentation have ceased to exist. A material such as PLEXIGLAS® also helps designers to transcend imaginative boundaries and strengthen a company’s corporate identity.

PLEXIGLAS® gives inspiration for trying and successfully producing innovative designs. The material’s variety of shapes and colors and intelligent functionalities, added to its ease of fabrication, offer unlimited freedom of design, for example in furniture-making. Combined with light, the many different grades of PLEXIGLAS® offer new options for staging out-of-the-ordinary presentations. For creating one-of-a-kind designs that stand out from the competition, and providing a communicative ambience for contacts and customers at trade shows. PLEXIGLAS® is the right partner for creative professionals when it comes to meeting all these challenges.