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Automotive & Transportation


Automobiles are often more than just a practical means of travel. They are both a means of transport and a status symbol all wrapped into one product. Few people are willing or able to do without their own vehicle. Changing requirements by both drivers and governments make new challenges for automobile designers and manufacturers. This in turn can create the need to find new innovative automotive materials.

Demand for fuel-efficient models is rising, caused by environmental concern, and a desire to save money. This need cannot come at the expense of performance, functionality or design. Vehicle weight reduction offers great savings potential. The lighter the car, the lower the fuel consumption will be.

Models of the future will have to be lighter in weight, just as safe, comfortable and powerful. This applies both to conventional vehicles and even more so to the growing electromobility segment. Despite all efforts to produce “green” cars, design remains crucial if customer demands are to be met.

High-end interiors, stylish exteriors and light weight: PLEXIGLAS® helps to fulfill these requirements. The material opens up new dimensions in lightweight automotive construction. In optical applications, it offers convincing transparency and is also easy to process into various shapes and forms.